Game 3: The View from Loneywood

October 05, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

First, condolences.

I have many friends and loved ones who root for the Cubs and have no desire to see you go through this year in and year out. My own father is a long suffering Cubbie from the North Side. I had the advantage of growing up within ear shot of Vin Scully though, and if you can listen to Vin in your formative years and NOT turn out to bleed Dodger Blue, I'd like to know how.

I would be lying if I said I saw this coming. I always gave us a shot against Chicago even if no one else did (TBS didn't even include LA in their pathetic Bon Jovi playoff commercial), but a sweep was just too unlikely - especially considering I was attending Game 3 in person. The Dodgers do not have a stellar record in games I attend.

The atmosphere at the stadium was like I've never seen it before. They squeezed 56,000 in there and it was as loud as I've ever heard it. Every time the Dodgers had the Cubs down to two outs in an inning everyone was on their feet waving their Dodger towels in the air. Chants of "Sweep. Sweep. Sweep" erupted every now and then, usually when a Cubs fan walked by. The heckling of the Cubs fans in attendance was merciless. Frankly, I didn't see much point in it. The game kind of spoke for itself. It was easily the most exciting sporting event I've ever been to. Now, I just have to score some NLCS tickets... It looks like its going to be against those battery chucking assholes from Philly. Bring it on!

I've had better seats...but who cares, its the playoffs.

Ballpark etiquette what? Sit down bitch!

Down the 5, they have the Rally Monkey (gay). Up here we have the Rally Steve Perry.

By this time, my camera batteries were quite dead. I managed to snap one blurry photo of the team rushing the field after Broxton closed it out.