TwitterLog: Day Two

July 01, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

Today I delved deeper into the infinite powder-blue and white madness that is Twitter. I discovered some Gems hidden beneath the surface, so lets delve in:

Tweet that made me want to drink my sorrows away: @ TilaTequila: Yea seriousy yall...there's more to life than being really, really good looking! Am I am really good looking! Ahahhahaa

Wow, I thought that I really liked Zoolander until the Playboy Model turned Reality TV Star turned Singer turned Playboy Model used a line from it and then inserted herself. Derek Zoolander is far to great of a man to be taken down to your level, Tila. By the simple fact that I mentioned her on TMS might bring her out of the D-List into the C-List... a risk I'm willing to take.

Dog Eat Tweet: @Casar Millan: A pack leader doesn’t project emotional or nervous energy, so neither should you.

Helpful advice, If I were a dog leading a pack of dogs.

ShaqTweet: @THE_REAL_SHAQ: Just shook the hand of the greatest artist since picasso Peter max is the best, I just left his art studio, we are doin a project togetha

Nice, I can't wait for the follow up to Shaq Diesel. Best Album of this or any century!

Best Tweet of the Day: @Deadspin: Police Called To Break Up High School Softball Game #highschoolsoftball #softballteamsfight

Wow, a high school softball team brawl! Where can I buy tickets?

Worst (And Most Shameless) Tweet of the Day:

First some background. While covering celebrities is easy and fun, because you never know what in the world they might say. Yet just on day two I discovered that Tila Tequila is indeed quite possibly a very very sad person. She is now using Twitter for the proverbial "Booty Call" posting her phone number and asking for new "boos" to call her. After all of these it was then followed with this Gem:

@ TilaTequila: Ya'll be ready....I am up late working. I am currently writing an open letter to the PRESIDENT right now. U heard it 1st. Be ready!

Ha ha ha ha ha... you'll get back a "Thanks for writing to the White House..." letter and a photo of the President. What kind of shrewd argument will you be making to President Obama? I'm really interested to hear.

In a side note: Casar Millan is now following me. Looks like I'm the leader of the pack now.