War Hero: Aaron Miles

July 30, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

Wait, what? Aaron Miles is a War Hero? How can this be? Since I live under a rock, it wasn't until I read the new Vineline that I learned the story of how Aaron Miles was taken hostage in March of 2000 while he was in the Astros' minor league system. The gunmen robbed several of Miles's teammates, tied them up with ziplines, and locked them in an adjoining room. They were able to break the ziplines and call the police. When the police arrived, two of the gunmen fled, but one remained, keeping Miles as his hostage. Miles took a chance and tried to wrestle the gun away from the man, who proceeded to punch and bite Miles, finally jumping on his back. Miles refused to let go of the gun and hollered for the cops to come in. The police came through the window and shot the criminal six times, all while Miles was on top of him, still holding on to the gun.

Now I don't know why I've never heard this story before, but holy crap, that took balls of steel. I've made fun of Miles a lot and while I still don't particularly want him on the Cubs' roster, I can't really make jokes about a guy who took on an armed assailant. That Miles held on to the gun and was on top of the guy while the police pumped six rounds into the fucker just amazes me. I'd have been crying in the corner like a little girl, so I have to give a lot of credit to Aaron.

Aaron Miles, you sir, are truly a War Hero.