Sweeping the Nats, The Cure for What Ails

July 20, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Few things are better for a scuffling .500 ballclub than a four-game set with the Washington Nationals. The long weekend kicked off Thursday with an increasingly rare quality start for Rich Harden. Remember a year ago when you eagerly anticipated each Harden start? I don't either. Friday saw the triumphant return of A-Ram's home run prowess, in support of Carlos Zambrano's sixth victory. The amazing part about this game is that the Cub bullpen pitched four scoreless innings. Saturday night saw the (cross your fingers) rebirth of Alfonso Soriano, who hit an opposite field three-run shot to bring the Cubs back from a two-run deficit. Randy Wells got beat around a bit in the first two innings. However, the bullpen pieced together the rest on consecutive days, despite Aaron Heilman's best efforts to give it away. Little Mikey Horse 'n' Phone also got off the schnide with his first homer since the Bush administration. The boys capped off the series by bringing the broom handles to the ballpark Sunday, to the tune of 11 runs in a classic beatdown. Poor Jim Riggleman. We really wish him the best of luck down the stretch.

So there are 11 days remaining until the trade deadline. What, if any, moves will Jim Hendry be making? There is no urgent need for a starting pitcher. We have more outfielders than you can shake a stick at. Theriot has been fine at the plate and in the field, and Soto looks to be returning soon. So what are our needs? A lefty out of the bullpen and possibly an upgrade at second base. Paging Andy MacPhail. The Orioles are looking to deal George Sherrill, and desire a third baseman for the future. Brian Roberts, as always, can probably be had. Would anyone be opposed to a deal centered on Josh Vitters, Samardzija (we pay his contract) and a couple minor league arms going to Baltimore for Sherrill and Roberts? That would give us a lefty that can close, freeing up Marshall for spot starts. Then you get the switch hitting Roberts, which Hendry has pined over for many a moon. Baltimore is our new Pittsburgh; Hendry can work the magic.

And for those of you that are opposed to trading Vitters? Gary Scott just called. C'mon, name the last Cubs offensive prospect that panned out.