War Criminal: Undersized Pints

July 28, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

Last week I went out with a few of my friends to a little pub called "Fox and Hound" that some of you may have heard of (actually its a chain that caters to people who think its actually an English style pub... aka Tools). Our group had won a party package where we got free pizza and wings as long as we had 10 people there, and it was $2.00 pint night to boot. So I joined in the celebration and ordered my first beer which came in a glass pint. After a few beers and several games of nine-ball I ordered another, yet this time it came in small plastic cup. I looked at it, then looked at the glass that my friend had, and my cup was both shorter and almost the same width of the glass...

Then I recalled a article from the Wall Street Journal from last year were many fine establishments started to short change consumers by "subtly" changing their pints from the 16oz (an American standard) to the smaller 14oz to cut down cost and increase profit per glass. It wasn't until I realized this that I looked at the glass and sure enough the beer was only 14oz.

What the hell... seriously?

So then I asked our waitress (who was a very nice girl, yet just got yelled at by another customer... I hate people that think they have a right to do that) and asked her why I had gotten the plastic cup instead of the glass. She informed me that they were the same size, but the big pints had a "foam" on top and the plastic cups didn't.

I was angry, all this time I thought I was ordering 16oz pints, because when I had gone in the past they were that size. But no, they were only 14oz. Now this goes past $2 Pint night (which is still a reasonable price for even that beer) but what about a regular night where they charge you 3.75 for the same beer. You're almost paying a quarter for a oz of beer. Thats ludicrous! Not to mention that they also "foam out" the top at some places.


The article gives several tips to avoid getting shortchanged at bars. I call for a tribunal to convene and sentence those guilty.