TwitterLog: Day Three

July 01, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

As Day Three of my week long immersion into the fiery depths of Twitter marks the halfway point of my week long experiment (In the contract that the Interns Union signed with TMS via collective bargaining we are forced to take the weekend off... if we don't we are stoned to death, or Wolter will punch us in the face...)

The "Like OMG I can use the series of tubes and clog up the Internets!" Tweet: @MileyCyrus: - Rocking out to "BAD" in my bathroom. MJ is my hero!

Miley: I'm sorry to say this but this is in no way original. If you were to take a poll of people this past week who listened to the song "Bad" you would probably have the discovered that it was quite popular, I mean hell even I'm sure you know how to use iTunes. P.S. Until today every song for the past four days on the iTunes Top Ten has been a Michael Jackson song.

Americas Daily Asshat Tweet: @DaneCook: Just stubbed my toe. Smashed it. Hard. I really want to hunt down & destroy all known sofas on this planet so no one else suffers this fate.

Wow Dane you are just so F#CKING HILAROUS. I bet you couldn't come up with another joke, just like that one, but different. Bet you couldn't. Wait? You mean thats all you do? Well lets pay this guy millions of dollars to tell the same joke... over and over and over and over and over...

Oh You Tweet Eh?: @WilliamShatner: Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian fans and friends. My best, Bill

I wonder if he uses Scotty or Priceline to get to Canada? I'll drink a LaBatt for Canada Day.

ShaqTweet: @THE_REAL_SHAQ: Wit love like all the twitterers show me, I don't want no enemys Love you all

Shaq: You're da man too.

Best Tweet (And Marketing Ploy) of the Day: @HyundaiNews: Hyundai's "1.49 Fill Fuel Up" in LA: Hollywood 76, 5890 Hollywood Blvd. (SE corner of Hollywood & Bronson). 1.49 gas 12-2!

Hyundai used Twitter to its full advantage and caused a scene like an Amish Bank Run outside of three gas stations around the US. Cars were lined up outside to get the cheap gas as a part of the larger marketing ploy that CNBC covered today where Hyundai will give you $1.49 gas for a year. While CNBC said that the average annual savings would be just over $500 at currently expected price levels, it could increase the market share of Hyundai in the US if it proves to be successful. Well I know one thing is for sure: It will have to work better than the Kentucky Fried Chicken campaign to fill pothole in Louisville a few years ago.

Fun Fact: The Col. Sanders Impersonator here actually
used to be a bank robber! Seriously!

Worst Tweet of the Day: @DeadSpin: The Jay Mariotti Online Express Could Be Headed Back To Chicago #mediameltdowns #jaymariotti

This is the worst not because I hate Deadspin but rather because I just hate Jay Mariotti that much, but I am not going to sink to his level.