The Look

January 05, 2009 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

This is the first edition of what we hope becomes a Monday morning staple at Pomp Culture. The Look will, as one may deduce by it's title, give our readers a glimpse the upcoming events of the week in sports, entertainment, politics, and maybe even PC itself. The headers in bold will give you an idea of the structure of the post, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to toss them in the comments.

Something You May Have Missed:
Last week's edition of Newsweek profiled a subjective list of the top 50 global elites, or the power players that will guide us through 2009. The list is culled from the cream of the crop in politics, economics, science, and terrorism. Click here for the online article.

Game of the Week:
The college football season winds up Thursday with Florida and Oklahoma vying for the title. FOX sincerely hopes that this game is not a blowout like the Rose Bowl, as they paid a pretty penny for the rights to air it.

Book of the Week:
Daydream Believers by Fred Kaplan. Kaplan breaks down the people, perceptions, and ideas that set the table for the Bush administration's misguided endeavor into Iraq. A very fluid and accessible read.

TV Event of the Week:
Sunday night gives us the 2009 Golden Globes award, a Hollywood love-fest which will clue us in to who or what films have the inside track for the Oscars. Rest assured, it is an occassion befitting of a PC Drunk Blog.

Matchup of the Week:
Your New Year's resolution versus the harsh reality of life. In most cases, the latter has already proven triumphant. For those that are still going strong after four days, prepare for failure this week.

Ahead on Pomp Culture:
Look for a War Criminal this week on Contact Lenses from E-Claire, a final wrap-up of the good and bad from 2008, the return of the Tecmo Playoff Simulator, and the return of Link Bulimia from the holidays.

Pomp Scale: 5