Tecmo Playoff Sim 2009: NFC Championship Game

January 17, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The NFC Championship was certainly a little more exciting than the AFC game.

I don't have time to give full quarter by quarter rundowns so here's the skinny on how the game played out.
  • Both teams manage to reach the red zone on their respective opening drives but both McNabb and Warner throw picks in the end zone leading to no scores.
  • Philly scores first with a 24 yard TD run by Brian Westbrook (7-0 Philly).
  • Arizona comes right back in the second quarter when on 3 and long Warner finds Anquan Boldin deep who makes a diving catch. Warner would find Boldin again in the end zone to tie the game (7-7).
  • Not much action the rest of the first half as both teams manage 3 and outs and Rackers missed a 54 yard field goal.
  • Philly is playing tight coverage on Fitzgerald forcing Warner to look elsewhere. Luckily Edgerrin James is having a great game running the ball.
  • To start the second half, the Cards drive down the field almost entirely on the ground with Edge. They cap off the drive with a TD pass from Warner to Edge (14-7 ARI). The drive takes half the third quarter to complete.
  • McNabb fumbles the ball on the ensuing drive and with great field position Arizona scores immediately on a TD pass to Jerheme Urban (21-7 ARI)
  • Do or die time in the 4th quarter, Philly successfully drives 94 yards to score on another run by Brian Westbrook (21-14 ARI).
  • Running out of time, Philly tries an onside and fails. Arizona just needs to control the ball and run the clock down.
  • On fourth down, Rackers misses a 44 yard FG attempt and Philly gets the ball on their own 27 with less than a minute left.
  • McNabb completes a huge pass to Kevin Curtis down to the Arizona 40. With 8 seconds left McNabb can't find anyone open and dumps it to Westbrook as a last ditch effort. Westbrook breaks a few tackles and busts into the open field. He takes it 40 yards for the touchdown with no time left on the clock. The PAT ties it and we go to overtime (21-21).
  • Arizona wins the toss and does not mess around. Several runs by Edge take the Cards down the field swiftly before Rackers hits a 32 yarder to win the game (24-21 ARI).
Player of the game is most certainly Edgerrin James who was amazing, rushing for 147 yards on 22 carries.
So there you have it. Tecmo Sim 2009 has predicted a Cardinals vs. Ravens Super Bowl.