Looking Ahead

January 19, 2009 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Something You May Have Missed:
The recent edition of New York Times Magazine has a comprehensive look at Obama's People. Check out the introductory piece on how this moment mirrors that of when JFK assumed office. Then click here for a gallery and bios of those individuals that make up Obama's team.

Game of the Week:
By default, we would look to an NFL game this time of year. However, we've hit the bye week before Arizona plays in the Superbowl. So what will take football's place as the game of the week? The NBA? College Basketball? Not a chance. We're eyeing the Premiership derby between Liverpool and Everton on Monday. Soccer bitches.

Book of the Week:
Petrostate by Marshall Goldman. Goldman chronicles Russia's history with petroleum and natural gas from the discovery of oil in the late 1800's through today. As Vladimir Putin has discovered in recent years, these resources can influence policy and the ebb and flow of international relations more than nuclear warheads ever could. A fitting read for January, as Russia is in the midst of its annual natural gas chess match with Ukraine and Western Europe.

TV Event of the Week:
Obviously the world will be watching on Tuesday as Barack Obama is sworn in as our nation's 44th president. It will still get crushed by American Idol in the ratings though. No word yet as to whether FOX News Channel will carry it live.

Matchup of the Week:
You versus your employer in your effort to sneak away to a television or the web for Obama's swearing in. Your office will probably be short a few people who have elected to stay home, as this is sure to be one of the most important events in our lifetime.

Ahead on Pomp Culture:
Look for a new edition of Pompous or Not Pompous this week, along with a War Criminal dedicated to a particularly offensive piece of headgear. If the readers are lucky, they'll also receive the first post in a series documenting the Rush anthology, and a tribute to those lovable, Jesus-pushing Arizona Cardinals.