Bartender Banter: Crickets Edition

October 23, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Uhhhhh, hello? Where the hell is everyone? Someone told me this was the place to be, but it's about as lively as a Harry Potter book reading in the Bible Belt. Lame. I'm outta here....

Wait! Hi! Sorry, I was in back checking the kegs. We're still open. Business has slowed since the '07 Cubs have finished up, but we've still got plenty of things going on. Allow me to bring you up to speed.

First of all we've started the official TMS Fantasy Behemoth League. The league consists of 10 managers, including the 7 main bartenders, Nick V. who's a regular reader of ours, Daft Funk's girlfriend E-Claire, and some other person I'm not familiar with. The league will span 3 different sports and we will have the chance to trade players between them. We kicked things off on Sunday with the NBA draft. A recap of that will come in the future. I could go into more detail of how the league will work, but it only seems to make sense in my head right now, so I'll spare you my crazy convoluted gameplan.

The Cubs report cards are still ongoing. I hope to have the outfielders graded within the next week or so.

Lastly, we're about to begin a new feature here at the Saloon. Inspired by the recent update of the AFI 100 Greatest Movies list, I proposed that all of the bartenders prepared their own personal top 100 list that we would compile into one master list. Everyone was fired up for the project, that is until they realized how daunting and shitty of work it was to actually rank 100 movies. So we scaled it back and instead ranked our top 30 movies from the past 30 years. All the lists were compiled into one and the TMS 30 was created. This is surely going to be the hot intellectual talk of the holiday season. Who better to come up with a smart, well-rounded list of quality films, than 7 males between the ages of 24 and 29? Let's just say your girlfriend's favorite movies, probably didn't make the cut, and if they did, she's probably a transvestite with good taste. Look for the countdown to start with #30 later this week.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we came up with a TMS 30 official seal. Check it out. As we countdown our movies, feel free to add this seal to your BluRay, DVD, VHS, Beta, or Laserdisc covers and cases. Just a quick print to the office laser printer, some scotch tape, and voila! Our seal ensures that the movie in question is top notch.