Our Fantasy League Can Beat Up Your Fantasy League

October 31, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

That is correct. Our fantasy league is better than yours. Ours is a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and yours is a Veggie Burger. Ours is Peyton Manning and yours is just Ryan Leaf. Your fantasy league is the Sam Bowie to our league's Michael Jordan. Remember when Vince Carter jumped over that dude's head and slam dunked? Guess which one your league is?

Get the picture?

Think about that fantasy league that you were in this year. You remember, the Yahoo Public League where half the managers dropped out within 3 weeks of the season starting and you still couldn't finish any higher than 6th? That's nothing.

What's that? Your league went deep? Like really deep? 20 managers with a 5 player bench? That's childs play. You want to know how deep our newly started fantasy league is? Our league is so deep, A-Rod, Kobe and Chad Johnson can be on the same team.

No, that is not a typo. Allow me to explain.

A few months back, one of Bill Simmons' readers e-mailed him asking how crazy it would be to have an all-year fantasy league that covered the NBA, NFL and MLB seasons where players from different sports could be traded for one another (like trading Tom Brady straight up for Albert Pujols, etc.). Simmons' response is that it was too crazy and no one could ever pull it off.

Oh ye of little faith...

We here at Thunder Matt's Saloon have done the impossible. We have constructed such a league, which is, as far as any of us know, the first of its kind. Here are the groundrules, provided by the one and only Chip Wesley:

1. All leagues will be keeper/dynasty leagues. After the first seasons, a supplemental rookie draft will be done before the next season.

2. Trading between sports is allowed, but only when both sports leagues are currently in season. For instance, a baseball/football trade can be made starting in September, basketball/baseball in April, etc. There may be the possibility of lifting this rule in the future to make three-sport trades, but this is a great rule for now so things don't spiral out of control in year one.

3. Each of the leagues is H2H. At the end of the year, the standings for all three leagues will be averaged together to determine a winner.

As I said before, there's really no other fantasy league like this, and there's endless new strategy that will go into it. NBA team floundering? You could always give up on the season and trade away your best players for help come baseball season. Have to make a strong finish in football to secure the overall league title? You could always mortgage the future of one (or even two!) of your teams to win now.

We started out with our NBA draft last week, which is like the lesbian sister of fantasy sports (Would that make fantasy hockey the Eli Manning?). The state of fantasy basketball can be summed up by one quote from the draft in the 6th round:

"Can I just stop now? I don't like any of the players that are left."

I think that's close to what Lebron thinks every time he looks around the locker room before a game.

Anywho, since the NBA season is only 1 day old, there isn't much to update about, but I'll try to drop in a few updates every once in a while, as I'm sure the other bartenders will as well. In the meantime, here's Gilbert Arenas dancing around.

That's just Gilbert being Manny.