A Mile High Minute: Week 8

October 30, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

I'm not even waiting for the game to end before I start this.

Why is Robert DeNiro here? Because, as he would say, its amateur hour out there tonight. I'm so god damned tired of watching Brandon Marshall drop passes. This guy may be the biggest fucking butterfingers in Broncos history. Ashley Lelie looks like Jerry Rice compared to this guy.

Jay Cutler is not without skills, but he's fragile. When things start to go bad, he starts making eratic throws and dumb decisions. He's kind of like Rex Grossman, but with some actual talent to justify his continuing presence in the league.

Speaking of dumb decisions, nice job No-Name Offensive Lineman slapping the ball out of Cutler's hand on the Packers one yard line.

Brett Favre is an asshat. Well, he's not so bad I guess, but the Brett Favre bandwagon that follows him wherever he goes is rife with asshats. We know he's passed Marino's career TD mark, why not remind us he's also broken the career INT mark? And seriously, who gives a damn what his wife has to say? "Do you feel it when he gets hit?" Real hard hitting stuff there ESPN. The Monday Night crew makes Tyra banks seem like Mike Wallace.

I honestly don't even care if they win tonight. If they do, its going to be on a last second Elam field goal.

Thoughts From Around the League

Will the '76 Bucs gather together with champagne if Miami or St. Louis go into the last game 0-15? I hope they do. These guys deserve a break. Look at that logo they had to wear. Its easily the gayest thing ever to come out of a sport that involves men in tights piling on top of one another.

Also, how sweet would it be if Miami went 0-16 and New England went 16-0? That would be the last we ever hear about the '72 Dolphins. Watching these miserable old farts finally get blown out of history books would just warm the cockles of my heart.

Oh yes, New England. Hate on America...its only making them better. Bill Cowher goes on CBS Sunday morning declaring Washington won't give up 30 to them. Brady and company go out and put 52 on the Skins. Bring on Mongoloid Manning and his coach Skeletor. Belichick has his scissors sharpened and no hoodie is safe.

Enough with the "running up the score" BS too. They aren't a running team and Brady can't start taking a knee in the 3rd quarter. If a team can't stop the Pats' backup QB throwing to backup receivers, that isn't New England's problem.

and now for something completely different...

I've never really commented on TV here, but frankly, series TV is total garbage. Once every few years you might get something worth watching: Family guy at its peak, The West Wing before they started that lazy "ripped from the headlines" shit, etc... The bulk of it consists of brain-dead laugh track comedies and offshoots of CSI and Law & Order.

Fox has come up with one that has caught my interest though. I started seeing previews for The Sarah Connor Chronicles this weekend. The series picks up the Terminator series after the events of T2.

Chances are it will be an abomination of epic proportions, but if there's one chance in a thousand it captures the greatness of the Terminator series, I'm in.

After the brilliant and underrated T3, I and many fans of the series were hoping for Terminator 4. Skynet had launched the nukes and John Connor and his future wife Kate Brewster (played by the oddly attractive Claire Danes) were riding it out in an old Air Force bunker. Terminator 4 just made so much sense. The war had begun...

But NO! Arnold had to continue the political career he started after usurping my namesake. T4 was not to be. Arnold is already old and saggy, so we can't wait around for 2010 when he leaves office.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles had better give me something to go on.