Fantasy Hurricane Update

October 22, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

It's been a long, long while since I updated the standings for the TMS Fantasy Hurricane League. Here's a list of the storms that occurred since my last update.

Felix - 210 points
Gabrielle - 55
Humberto - 95
Ingrid - 5
Jerry - 5
Karen - 5
Lorenzo - 45
Melissa - 5

The Gov was the big winner here, as he picked Felix, Gabrielle and Melissa to give him a total of 270 point, which is good enough to put him in first place. Also, after a second review, I've revised the total score given to Hurricane Dean previously. Instead of 235 points, it earned 250 points. So Chaim's score with the addition of Karen is 255. Here's how the full standings look.

1. Governor Gray Davis - 270 points
2. Chaim Witz - 255 points
3. Chip Wesley - 140 points
4. Chi-Town Girl - 95 points
5. Brant Brown - 65 points

As the season begins to wind down, it looks like the Gov may hold on to the lead. The next possible storm is Noel which was the Gov's 4th round pick. Chaim's next possible storm on his roster is Rebekah. And who knows? There's always a chance that Chi-Town Girl could still strike it big with Olga or Pablo.