Monday Morning Tidbits

October 01, 2007 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

Just like you, I am still giddy as all hell about the post-season. Seriously, how long ago does 2003 seem? How long away does Wednesday night seem? Can employers really expect any of us to be productive?

As I was listening to The Mike North Show on WSCR this morning, I overheard that there would be an interview coming up with Lou Piniella. Naturally, being the astute salesman that I am, I called my scheduled appointment to inform them I would be 10-20 minutes late. Love or hate Mike North, the guy has the cajones to ask the tough questions. Honestly, I assumed it would be a lot of cliche coach-speak, but Lou did not disappoint, especially when he was asked about the roster. Lou said that he and Hendry had gone through some preliminary talks, but that against Arizona, the staff would be a three man rotation of Zambrano, Lilly, and Hill, with Zambrano going on three days rest in a possible Game 4, and Lilly going on full rest for a possible Game 5.

Two lefties? I checked the stats, the Diamondbacks hit virtually the same against lefties and righties (.251 and .250 respectively), so there is no statistical advantage there. The glaring omission by Lou would obviously be Marquis, but raise your hand if you would rather see him than Rich Hill. Anyone? Quite frankly, I'm feeling good with trotting out our proclaimed ace, our statistical ace, and the dark horse. A Murderer's Row it is not, but maybe a First Degree Manslaughterer's Row. Hell, no Marquis and no Trachsel? I'm good with that. And it could be a LOT worse. Just ask the NY Mets.