Friday Sausage Party

May 02, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Bringing you only the meatiest links...

Ranking the best and worst Chicago broadcast teams, Len and Bob claim the top spot. I bet you can't guess who's at the bottom. (Desipio)

Anything to deflect the dreaded SI cover curse is fine by me. (Cubby-Blue)

22 memorable Cubs/Cards games. Some of these I remember with great fondness. Others still make me throw up in mouth a little. (Ghost of Paul Noce)

Hey, Derrick Turnbow has been DFA'd. Once he clears waivers he'll be sent to a sanctuary to live out his remaining days with other Proboscis monkeys.

With the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby just a day away, we here at TMS wanted to reaffirm that Barbaro is in fact still dead.

Have a good weekend, Rockies in 6!