The Gist: Game 55

May 31, 2008 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

Un. Fucking. Believable.

I sat in my seat along the first base line after the music had finished playing just thinking to myself, "The Cubs don't play like this. This kind of thing just doesn't happen." This is definitely a different kind of team than Cubs fans have seen in the recent past and one that has all the earmarks of greatness.

As the game started, I was grateful for just a few things: it was a beautiful day once the rain/tornado watches passed off to the east, I was holding a cold Old Style, and Iván DeJesús was coaching first base just a few feet in front of me. Wait, what? Where'd Sinatro go?

It didn't take too long before Lilly, whose hand was obviously cramped into a gnarled claw from signing all the 8x10 glossies of himself the prior game, gave up four runs including a two run bomb by Todd Helton in the top of the first. In fact, Lieber could be seen warming up in a hurry before the third out of the game. Ok, down by four runs with the wind blowing out. We've gotten out of worse situations than this before. (silently mouths the word "fuck")

Not much to mention until the third inning where the Rockies padded their lead with three more runs which started when Aktins reached second base when Jim Edmonds let a fly ball fall through his hands. Urge to kill rising. Chris Iannetta brought him home with the second home run of the game. Down seven zip after three innings. At this point most fans were ready to write this one off as a lost cause and were "just happy the weather was nice."

Lieber replaced Lilly for the fourth inning and promptly gave up a home run to the third batter: Ryan Spilborghs. Is there a reason we can't take advantage of the wind blowing out of the park too? In the bottom of the inning Derrek got on base and DeRosa eventually brought him home with a sac fly to get the Cubs on the board. Yay.

In the bottom of the sixth inning things took a turn. Fukudome started things off with his third home run of the year. Horry Kow! Edmonds followed that up with a home run of his own. Urge to kill falling. Rockies up 9-4.

Stan Mikita sang the stretch and ushered in the bottom of the seventh inning. Jelly donuts for everyone! Hank White came in as part of a double switch and cracked a home run driving in Fontenot. 9-6. Hoffpauir and Kfuk got on base with singles and Edmonds drove them home with a double to right. 9-8! DeRosa came to the plate and crushed one to left field. Edmonds scored. 10-9. The place went absolutely nuts.

Marmol and The Beard closed the game out in the last two innings. People high-fived. Strangers hugged. Much Old Style was enjoyed. I distinctly heard the word "destiny" a few times. It's a scary thought but after games like this, even the most jaded and cynical part of this Cubs fan smiled just a little bit and couldn't help but think that this team has what it takes to win.