High Times

May 15, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

What is it with players in the NFC Central and their trouble with boats? Just when you thought the whole "Cedric Benson BUI (That's Boating Under the Influence, natch)" thing was over, we get a new wrinkle.

Ranking up there with some of the absolute greatest "What If" scenarios of all time, apparently there was a chance that Ricky Williams could have been on Cedric Benson's party boat on the day he got busted for drunk boating. Ricky was invited to go out on the boat, but declined. Williams thinks that if he would have been on the boat that day, Benson vs. Cops Round 1 could have gone down differently.
"I think if I had come down, things might have worked out a little bit differently," Williams, who is entering the final year of his contract with the Dolphins, told the newspaper. "I find I have a calming influence on people I'm around."

Ummmm Ricky? I'm pretty sure that's what's referred to as a "contact high".

Ricky ain't got no time to go to no boat party. He got's to train.