The Gist: Game #34

May 07, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Reds 9, Cubs 0

The Game: There really isn't much to recap here. The Reds hit a ton of homers and the Cubs did not. The most worrying thing to me is that the Cubs drew 7 walks and got 6 hits and weren't able to string one damn run across the plate. Is this going to turn into last year where the Cubs go long stretches at a time without being able to string hits together?

We Told You So: Just a few days ago, we brought up the fact that rookie pitchers seem to own the Cubs year in and year out. You wouldn't think this could happen to a team with different hitters every year, but something about putting on the Cubs uniform makes batters allergic to rookie pitchers, over the hill vets and soft tossing lefties. Today was no exception as Edinson Voloquez made the North Siders his bitch, going 7 innings of shutout ball and striking out 10.

The "Mike Schmidt Official Cub Killer" Award: Joey Votto. Mr. Votto is supposed to be more of a batting average guy than a power guy. He could have fooled me today. Votto crushed 3 homers in today's game. He has 7 home runs this season...5 of which have come against the Cubs. How many more years till this guy hits free agency?

The Preparation H "Asshole Of The Game" Award: It's gotta be Jon Lieber. Look Jon, we love you. But you can't even give us 2 innings? Giving up 4 home runs in the 2nd inning? You get an F-.

What's Next: A nice big homestand may be just what the doctor ordered. Every team struggles a bit from time to time. Hopefully the Cubs are getting it out of their system early and can go on a tear when this is all over.