Name that Cub

May 07, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

It's time for everybody's new favorite game, Name that Cub. I have posted 6 baseball cards of various Cub "legends" with their names removed. The first one to correctly name all 6 players wins a hearty handshake and a beer.*

Post your answers in the comments and number them as such:
1. Top left
2. Top center
3. Top right
4. Bottom left
5. Bottom center
6. Bottom right

Answers will not be revealed until someone names all 6 correctly.
Good luck!

*Beer and handshake must be redeemed at Bernie's Tavern on 5/15 before noon. Beer will be a can of Old Style. TMS reserves the right to forego the handshake in favor of a solid punch to the kidneys. All members of Ted Lilly Fan Club are ineligble. Offer not vaild in Ohio, Utah, or Iran.