The Gist/Counter Gist

May 27, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

The Gist
By Daft Funk

The real story of this game was in the bottom of the 7th inning. Sean Gallagher left after giving up just one run, but it looked like he would be the loser because Kuroda was lights out. Kuroda got into a bit of trouble and Joe Torre totally fucked up. He had Jonathan Broxton and Joe Beimel up in the pen. When Fontenot's spot in the lineup came up with 2 guys on, Torre decided he'd rather have Broxton face Fontenot than have Beimel come in and most likely face DeRosa.

Lefties are hitting almost .400 against Broxton this season, but I think Torre made the right move bringing him in to pitch to Fontenot. The brain fart came when Torre sat Beimel down so when Fukodome's (lefty) spot came up in the lineup, there were no other relievers to come in. Broxton had to face another lefty and gave up another hit.

How bad is Jim Edmonds? He's a lefty and did not get a hit off Broxton. He was booed, and rightfully so.

After that, things were money. Marmol made things a little interesting in the 8th, but Kerry Wood came in and, surprise(!), didn't hit anyone when nailing down the save.

The Counter-Gist
by Governor Gray Davis

Cubs and 2000-something. Coincidentally, 2000 is also the number of runners the Dodgers have left on base in these last two games. How sad is our offense right now? When they loaded the bases in the 8th, I knew they were fucked. Thanks to Buffet Buster Broxton and the invisible offense, they wasted another good outing by Obi-wan Kuroda.

I'm in shambles after these two 3-1 losses, because they could have easily been Dodger victories. Any other time I would be spared the pain of seeing this as the Cubs take the field about the time I'm finishing up my 1st cup of coffee out here in California. No no no, I get to watch this torment.

At least I got something out of watching this debacle. Seeing Tommy Lasorda "sing" the 7th inning stretch and say "root root root for the Dodgers" in the heart of Cubs Country is always worth whatever pain the boys in blue put me through.