The Gist: Game 41

May 15, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Cubs 4, Padres 0

I don't want to downplay the success of the Cubs today, but they did little more than what elite teams are supposed to do against inferior competition. With that said, this was a very impressive win and it's nice to see the Cubs not playing down to the level of their competition like they have in years past.

The Ron Jeremy "Stud Of The Game": Ryan Dempster. Dempster has come on like gangbusters this year. He struck out a whopping 12 in 8.2 innings of work today. It would have been nice to see him get the complete game, but I'd rather have Wood come in and shut it down than have a pitcher stay in there too long.

The Preparation H "Asshole Of The Game": Jim Edmonds. Pardon my language, but fuck Jim Edmonds. Get used to hearing that. Fellow Bartender Brant Brown put it best: "Proof that Jim Edmonds is working against the Cubs: He left 7 men on base today. Asshole."

Did Anyone Notice...: Kerry Wood seems to be rounding back into form nicely. After a few shaky outings where hits and walks have made things a bit more interesting than you may feel comfortable with, Wood has been money lately. If you take away the stinker that he laid against Milwaukee on the first of the month, Wood has only given up 4 hits, one walk and one earned run this month. Hell, aside from said Milwaukee implosion, Woody's only given up 3 earned runs since the beginning of April.

Crazy Prediction Update: Proving that I need to just keep my mouth shut pretty much at all times, on April 29th, I predicted that the Cubs would go 22-9 through the end of the month. With May at the halfway point today, the Cubs have gone 9-7 since, meaning they would have to go 13-2 starting tomorrow to meet my lofty expectation. Is this likely? Probably not, as Jason Marquis will probably start at least 3 of those games. But is it possible? Sure! We play 2 series against the Pirates, who the Cubs are 6-0 against this year, and we close out the month with the Rockies, a team that's only 1 game better than the Padres in the standings. Sandwiched in there is a series against Houston and one against the Dodgers. Assuming we take 2 of 3 from both of them and sweep the rest of our games, we should be alright. Granted, this is a very tall order, but it is possible. Keep the faith. Yes we can!