114 Years of Brilliance

July 16, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

A hearty congratulations from the folks at Thunder Matt's goes out to the Philadelphia Phillies, who reached an amazing milestone yesterday, becoming the first pro sports franchise to lose 10,000 games. No wonder their fanbase includes some of the most miserable bastards on the planet.

So who's next on the list to join Philadelphia in the infamous 10K Club? Well it's no surprise that the next 5 in line are all from the Senior Circuit.
  1. Atlanta Braves - 9,681 losses
  2. Chicago Cubs - 9,425
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates - 9342
  4. Cincinnati Reds - 9,341
  5. St. Louis Cardinals - 9,158
  • As of 7/16/07, from baseball-reference.com
It looks like Philly will be flying solo in the club for at least a few more seasons. Oh and Tampa Bay, don't sweat it. At your current pace, you won't reach the 10,000 plateau for about 99 years still.

Upon hearing the news, I'm sure you were like me and thought, "I wonder what baseball team has the most losses for a defunct franchise?" That title my friends, is held by none other than the Louisville Colonels, who in their playing days (1882-1899), amassed 1,320 losses. They were the D-Rays of the late 19th Century. Who can forget that magical 1889 season where the Colonels went 27-111 (.196 percentage)? They finished dead last in the American Association, 66.5 games out of first. Heck they couldn't even beat the lowly Columbus Solons or Kansas City Cowboys! It's hard to fathom a team this bad, what with a roster full of such baseball luminaries as Guy Hecker, Buster Tomney, Whitey Corngood, Farmer Weaver, Farmer Vaughn, Jimmy "Chicken" Wolf, Seamus "Mr. Limberlegs" O'Malley, Sleepy Flanagan, Toad Ramsey, Slappy McFlapperson, Ronwell Q. Dobbs, Long John Ewing, Pete "Gladiator" Browning, Jack "Death to Flying Things" Chapman, and Dude Esterbrook.

Now that I look at it, I think some of those names might be made up.