Riding the Bus to Hell

July 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Back in college, when fellow bartender and ex-roommate Brant Brown and I were much more mature and refined, we had a giant piece of posterboard hanging on our living room wall. This posterboard contained a crudely drawn pencil sketch of a giant bus. This bus was speeding (as evidenced by little lines coming off of it's tires) towards a destination that was represented by block letters spelling out HELL.

Whenever someone in the public eye drew our ire, we would write their name (sometime accompanied by amateurish drawing) on 'the bus'. The bus going straight to hell. I recall Marilyn Manson being one of the passengers, perhaps even the driver. I'll leave Brant to fill in the blanks, as this was his baby.

Anyhow, each week, we will nominate two people to ride on the bus. Your votes decide who ultimately gets on the bus and who is spared (and has to consequently wait for the El Train instead, which in many ways, is just as bad). Maybe some time in the future I will do a cute little write up on each nominee, so that readers can make an informed decision. But as it stands now, I don't have time for this shit. (Buzanis? What ever happened to that guy?) Will this another ill fated feature that turns out to be a one off piece, never to be heard from again? I like the concept, but really, America has the last say.

In the crude fashion of the original 'bus', I will just throw up their picture along with a name. In coming weeks, we'll make an official introduction to the piece and semi-official polling method. I liken the crudeness of this piece to the initial episodes of the Simpsons, where Homer talked weird and looked kind of different. One would hope it gets better from here.

On we go with round one. You make the call.


"America Decides"

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