Barry Bonds Doesn't Get It

July 09, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Reviled my millions, loved by few. You have a chance to, if not restore your image, at least make people forget that you're an asshole for an hour or two.

You're in the twilight of your career. The year you break the all-time home run record. The All-Star game is being played in your town. You have a seemingly handpicked homer cheer leading crew of Dusty Baker, Joe Morgan and Chris Berman making the call. For Christ sakes all you do is hit home runs! You can't run, you can't field. This is what you do.

But no. You're hosting a party with Jay Z. And you wonder why people hate you?

F you Barry Bonds. What sweet irony if you get hurt in the actual game tomorrow. I'm a Prince Fielder guy anyway.

Update: Barry just did an interview with Peter Gammons at the stadium. Hmmm...his PR team must have appealed to his better sense. Maybe I was hard on the guy...nah. Besides, everybody knows Jay Z's parties don't start til sundown anyway.