Game in Review

July 26, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

Final Score: Cubs 1 - Cardinals 11

Well, we had to lose one to the Redbirds, didn't we? Marquis was bound to finally drop one to his former team. He was likely conspiring with them, though I can't prove it. The law of averages says that the Cubs are likely to lose one out of every three from here on out, so this L is tolerable. I think. I'm no mathematician. Regardless of the score, we can't be in too foul of a mood. Lee hit a homer. He's rapidly approaching ten. How in the hell does Billy Petrick have a job on the big league club? Anybody? Thankfully he'll be off the roster soon, as Hendry is sure to do something about the bullpen. If not, he'll need to fake another heart palpitation to garner some sympathy. Now it's off to Cincinnati to fight Communism, and perhaps convert Adam Dunn to capitalism in exchange for some minor league talent.