Cesar! the Pirate

July 20, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The Cesar Izturis Experience came to an end yesterday after it was announced he had been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for the always sought-after "Player to Be Named".

Many probably don't know this, but for some ungodly reason, we sponsored Cesar's Baseball Reference page. I don't really know why I did this. I blame the winter doldrums and too much cough medicine. Anyway, since Cesar is no longer a Cub it seems kind of silly for our name to be on the page for all five people that care about his stats to see. So as a sort of "best wishes" to our friends over at Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?, I decided to let them be the de facto sponsors of his page for the remainder of the year.

Enjoy Cesar. He'll fit nicely into the Tracyball philosophy.