Thunder Matt Update

July 27, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Hey, remember that guy that played for the Cubs that you dedicated your site to? Whatever happened to him? He seems to have completely disappeared and you guys never mention him any more. What gives?

Alright, alright, take it easy there italicized hypothetical dialogue from our readers. I knew that was coming sooner or later so I thought I'd offer you a little update on the whereabouts, happenings, and what-have-ya's of one Mr. Thunder Matt Murton.

If there's one thing I've learned from time here at the Saloon it's this: Chicks dig Thunder Matt. I'd say the vast majority of comments and emails that we receive dealing specifically with Murton himself are from the ladies. I guess it's fitting then that in a recent "Get to Know" feature on the Iowa Cubs site, Thunder Matt said he'd like to be on the Bachelor claiming he could wind up with "two or three wives". You know what? I have no doubts that he could. Of course that sort of thing is generally frowned upon most everywhere, unless you live in Utah or you're the sultan of some small Asian kingdom.

Speaking of that "Get to Know" page. I see that the Thunder Matt nickname still hasn't really caught on inside the clubhouse. Instead he's being called Big Red. I guess it's better than Orange Guy, but still, Thunder Matt is exponentially cooler every time you say it. That and when I think of Big Red, this is what comes to my mind.

So anyway, for those of you that don't follow the Cubs farm system, you'll be happy to know that Murton has been absolutely destroying the ball as of late. In 151 at bats at Iowa, he's now batting .331 with 6 home runs and 27 RBI with an OPS of .977. On Wednesday, Thunder Matt went off with a 4-6 night including a grand slam and 6 RBI against Colorado Springs.

And now Sweet Lou is saying Matt could be the next guy called up. When that will happen is anybody's guess, but we do seem about due for an extended Cliff Floyd DL stint.