Good thing Bonds isn't a cyclist

July 26, 2007 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

Don't feel that you're the only one. I am with you. Yes, we are all perplexed that there has been no Tour de France coverage here at The Saloon. I'll try to remedy that.

We found out Tuesday that the odds on pre-race favorite to win The Tour, Alexandre Vinokourov, tested positive for blood doping. For those who really follow cycling, it came as quite a shock. Vinokourov was a very well-respected and well-liked rider, both in the peleton and in the crowds. He was seen as a "good guy" in an increasingly shady sport. Blood doping has run as rampant in cycling as a date rape drug runs rampant in a Delta Chi frat house - after years of it, it becomes a way of life. Everyone knows it, including the heads of the sport, who in turn instituted what might be the toughest drug testing policy in all of sports. So tough that they've adopted a "guilty until proven innocent" stance.

Late yesterday afternoon, we found out that the yellow jersey (rider who is leading the race) was kicked off of his team and out of the Tour. Oh yeah, as of now, he's never failed a drug test. In the last few weeks, it has come to light that Michael Rasmussen has missed scheduled drug tests and was actually in Italy working with a "doctor" when he alleges he was in Mexico. And you thought the NFL was a soap opera? Now, not only can you be expelled from the race for failing a drug test, you can be nixed for being guilty by association! Normally I would would scream "Injustice!" when I hear something like that, but not here. It is very curious that none of these guys are screaming and proclaiming their innocence. When Vinokourov failed his test, his whole team was kicked out, including his teammate, Andreas Kloden, who was in great position for a top 5 finish. Wouldn't you expect him to cry foul? Not a peep from him or any teammates as of yet.

Being a huge cycling fan, I want to believe that there's still riders out there who are doing it clean. Maybe it's a bit far-fetched and a clear case of wishful thinking. I suppose it's the same stance I take with my favorite sport, baseball. Surely it must be only Bonds and McGwire and Sosa, right? I hate when I look at stats from the current Cub roster and see power numbers that have gone down and weird injuries have gone up since testing was implemented. Wishful thinking indeed. I don't want to get into a sappy moral argument here, but the fact is that when that kind of money is on the table, guys will do anything to get it and keep getting it. And it sure seems as if the chemists will always be a step ahead of the tests.

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