Dodger Blue Trade Deadline: Colletti Rapes Cashman

July 31, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Welcome to OZ Brian Cashman.

You actually gave the Dodgers more than a case of Natty Ice for the weak hitting, moody, and positionless Wilson Betemit. You've fallen prey to Ned Colletti's Jedi mind trick (incidently, it was the same Jedi mind trick he used to get Betemit for Danny Baez in the first place).

Betemit, hitting a mean .210 as a starter this year, garnered the mediocre Scott Proctor from the Yankees. I heard the Yankees needed bullpen help, but somehow I don't think Wilson is going to help them in that department. Wilson suffered from DTBS - Dodgers Third Base Syndrome. It causes players to ride on the laurels of their potential for years before the team finally wises up and moves on to the next one. At one time, he himself was "the next one" after the failed and excruciating Adrian Beltre experiment.

War Criminal Nomar Garciaparra is now the undisputed least until Andy LaRoche pushes him out of that job like his former AAA teammate James Loney has already done.

In other news, the M*A*S*H corps LA calls a starting rotation didn't get any help. Unless they wanted Matt Morris (umm, no) there wasn't much available anyway. I'm sending a get well card to Randy Wolf.