Game in Review

July 25, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

Final Score: Cubs 7 - Cardinals 1

Time for the first Brant's Belligerent Ballgame Briefing. If you're interested, here's the rundown:

Soriano breaks the Cubs' 19 inning extra base hitless streak. Praise Jesus! We learned tonight that Bob Brenly never lifted weights during his Major League career. His mustache lifted them in his place. Lilly again put forward a commanding effort, winning his 7th decision in a row, while Floyd, A-Ram, and Theriot were stroking well. Any time you can beat the Cardinals and their khaki-clad supporters, it's a hell of a day. I'm telling you, if the Cubs don't deal for an outfielder, I'm comfortable with Jock Jones from here on out. Albert Poopholes? Sucking a fat one. Tony LaRussa? Getting drunk tonight. Who's the asshole? I'm the asshole.

The Brew Crew traded for Scott Linebrink today. Why didn't we go after Linebrink ourselves? The Padres are in the middle of the playoff hunt, and they gave up one of their best relievers for three minor leaguers? We couldn't have done better than that? F the Brewers and Cecil Fielder's fat son.

For the benefit of your literacy, I will be posting a Brant's Rant in the morning.