Another New Guy

July 11, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

As I mentioned yesterday there was likely going to be a third new guy added to the bunch. Well here he is. Rich writes at Funktopia about all sorts of stuff, most recently about a possible C.H.U.D. outbreak.


Real Name: Rich

Where are you from? Huntley, IL

Where are you now? Santa Monica, CA

Favorite Baseball Team: Cubs

Favorite Current Player(s): Ryan Theriot, Rich Hill, Mark Prior

Favorite All-Time Player(s): Glenallen Hill, Ryno, Ted Williams, Matt Riley

First MLB game you attended: Cubs/Expos sometime in the early 90's

Any memorable encounters with MLB players? None. I stink.

Which player(s) would you love to sit and have a beer with? David Ortiz and Manny, Kerry Wood, Nick Swisher

Which player(s) would you like to punch in the face? Alex Rodriguez. Isn't this everyone's pick? And AJ Pierzynski.

Which player(s) would you like to punch you in the face? Alex Rodriguez. It would tarnish his image, and he could afford to settle out of court.

What's better for baseball, the moustache or the big-league mullet? The mullet hands down. Players can gro crappy moustaches...there's no such thing as a crappy mullet.

What 80's hair metal band do you most relate to? Motley Crue.

What's your favorite beer? PBR. I was raised in Illinois!

What's the capital of Bolivia? A little town called "none-of-your-damn-business"

What's the most valuable baseball card you own? An autographed Fergie Jenkins card.

If your daily life had game commentary, who would you want as your play-by-play and color guy? I'd take Ozzy Osbourne and Marv Albert.

What would you rather see, Kyle Farnsworth in a barfight, a cockfight, or a hobo fight? Since he's a member of the Yankees, he's probably got the best shot of being in a ticklefight with A-Rod.