Thunder Matt's Thunderdome: Pooholes vs LaRussa

July 12, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Spin the wheel raggedy man! Two men enter, one man leaves and so on...

Looks like Pooholes and surely NL fans everywhere are upset at his benching in the latest All Star Debacle. The NL has now lost this thing for a decade and these kind of moves are the reason why. These two need to battle in the Thunderdome.

Pooholes opens by saying if he didn't expect to play, he wouldn't have gone.

LaRussa counters with a pathetic this is America, he can say what he wants.

In the world of Thunderdome, Pooholes just cut off LaRussa's arm with a rusty chainsaw. LaRussa lies in the dirt screaming like a girl as the crowd of filthy midgets and thieves hoots and hollers for more.

If they want more blood, they need only look at the 2007 St Louis Cardinals. Surely some of the bad blood between DUI Tony and his star 1st baseman stems from their pathetic attempt to defend last year's fluke World Series Title. The Cardinals are melting down, much like their NFL counterparts and their khaki shorts wearing fans are crying in their Anheuser Busch swill. Dark days in St. Louis indeed...