Bartender Banter: Late Morning Quickie

September 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

OK I've got some business to take care of here before we bring you this afternoon's post, which I promise to be much better than the following drivel.

Belated Trophy
People are on my ass about this. I didn't forget, I just couldn't get the plaque made until yesterday and I was too lazy to put it up.

There are you happy? I have to say though, that was one of the more impressive Thunder Matt homers I've ever seen. It hit the screen of the Batter's Eye Lounge. I'm not sure how far away that is, but that was a monster shot.

Thunder Matt Day at the Ballpark
Tomorrow I will be joining fellow bartenders Chaim and Dave at Wrigley to take in a Cubs game and about a gallon of Old Style. There's talk of a Tommy Buzanis appearance for some postgame shenanigans as well. I'll probably be sporting the TMS shirt, in support of Thunder Matt as well as a shameless promotion of the site. Like always, if you see me, feel free to say hello and I'll let you buy me a beer.

Cubs need this game if they want to hang on to first place. Hopefully they can get it together and take down Dodgers starter Eric Stults. If they can't scrounge up some runs with Rocky Dennis on the mound, then there is no hope for them.