A Mile High Minute: Week 2

September 19, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

To quote myself: "Well, that was ugly. A win is a win though, and especially in the AFC you have to win these BS games."

If not for Shanahan's Jedi mind trick in OT, they would have lost to the Raiders...blech. They probably deserved to lose, but losses to Oakland won't be tolerated. With the loss, Oakland starts their third straight winless year versus the AFC West.

Cutler looked bad in the 2nd half, which has to be cause for worry for Broncos fans everywhere. About the only thing I can say is at least he took that safety rather than throwing it away and potentially having a pick returned for a TD.

In OT, Denver got the ball first and promptly did nothing. Oakland then went downfield into Janikowski's field goal range, and shit, they've won... Wait, did I hear a whistle? Yes I did! Shanahan calmly and cooly called a time out just before the kick. Oakland has to kick again, and lets be honest, everyone in the stadium knows that fat sack of pork rinds and beer isn't going to hit two clutch kicks in a row. Denver gets the ball back, and finally show life, moving down the field for Elam to win on a chip shot.

Phew! Christ though, it never should have come to this. I've lowered my expectations now and only ask the Broncos to play a complete game one of these weeks. On the plus side, with the Chargers loss, they're in first for the moment.

Thoughts from Around the League

Houston - If Shanahan is Obi Wan, I guess that makes Gary Kubiak Anakin Skywalker by default. He's doing well now, but remember what happens to him. If Kubiak gets his arm and legs sliced off on a volcanic planet, I'm going into the psychic business. Call me now for your free reading!

Cleveland - Watch them get shut out this week.

New York Giants - 45 points to Tony Homo, now 35 to a guy in a walker. Unfortunately they don't play Cincinnati or we could see a 70-63 game.

Atlanta Falcons - The Joey Harrington experiment seems to be coming to a close. Long live Byron Leftwich! They've also signed 47 year old Morten Andersen. Morten is literally older than my mom.

Tennessee - The Titans are on the brink of actually being good. Get another year under Young's belt and they win that game. A memo to the rest of the NFL - look how a coach can turn a team around if you just let him do his job. You don't need to automatically fire a guy after a bad year or two.

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