The Gist: Who Wants to Sex Soriano?

September 19, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

The New Cold War continued in Wrigley Field on Wednesday night, as the Communists and Cubs closed out another epic series. The Cubs were tied again with Milwaukee heading into the day.

Alfonso Soriano does what we hope to see a few times in October, hitting a leadoff homerun in the first inning. Adam Dunn, the Khrushchev to Soriano's Kennedy, pulls a homer in the fourth inning. The Reds have a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the fifth, when super-dreamy Geovany Soto jacks a solo shot of his own.

In the top of the eighth, comrade Norris Hopper tries to score on the gun of Soriano. Oh no he di' n't! Soriano throws him out at the plate by a good 12 feet (four meters to them).

In the bottom of the inning, Theriot hits a single to Griffey in right, but has no intention of stopping at first base. Griffey realizes he is not the man he used to be, bobbles the ball, and Theriot is on second. Lee comes up and lines a base knock to Griffey again. As he pulls up to throw the ball in and prevent Theriot from scoring, he pulls up lame. Did anyone else just hear glass break? Theriot is held at third as Griffey writhes in pain. He's on the ground for a solid three minutes, allowing another Reds reliever to get warmed up in the 'pen. A groin pull? Bah. Griffey was just being selfish. It's a good thing that every time Griffey has a season-ending injury an angel gets its wings.

This brings Thunder Matt to the plate, pinch-hitting for Floyd. He slaps a looper to left field! Dunn traps the ball (or makes the catch, depending on who you're rooting for), and The Riot scores! The funny thing is how upset the Reds were since had they called it a catch there would have been a man at second after the run scored but since Lee had to hold up he was easily thrown out and Matt was left standing on first. Howry worked the final two innings and nailed down another Cubs victory!

Unfortunately, as of press time, the Brewers and Astros are tied at four runs apiece in the tenth.

Update: Backe pinch ran after Palmeiro walked, Berkman singled to left, and Pence doubled to drive in the winning run in the 10th. Houston won and the Cubs lead the central by a game once again!