Let's Get Down To Business

September 29, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

The Cubs have won the National League Central Division. Boo-ya!

When I got home from work today, the Cubs game was not on here in San Diego. Rather than sitting at my laptop and clicking "refresh" a billion times to see scoring updates, we headed out to Applebees to watch the Padres (hopefully) pound the Brewers.

They did. Division won. I am now wearing my brand new Cubs socks. They are awesome. Teams will bow to their greatness.

I know we all want to savor this moment, but there's still business to be taken care of. We've qualified for the second season. Now we just have to make sure we steamroll through the rest of the pretenders in the league and hoist that World Series trophy high.

The Mets? Chokers. Diamondbacks? Aren't even old enough to drink. Padres? Hell, their own coach beats them up!

We've got the pitching. Other than that series in Florida, our bats seem to be waking up at just the right time.

Let's celebrate tonight. Let's wake up and keep the party going through tomorrow. But as soon as Monday morning comes around, we all have to get back to work. And so do the Cubs.

Fuck 2003. And 2004-2006.