Bears Approaching Critical Mass

September 25, 2007 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

I really don't know how to begin to describe my feelings about the Bears' loss Sunday night. I basically went from thinking our defense might be able to bail us out of another game to being downright angry and depressed with our offense. Does Lovie need to make some changes? Fuck. Yes. Before last Sunday would be good if he can pull it off.

The differences between he-who-shall-not-be-named and Romo were like night and day. Romo was able to avoid the pass rush from the inside and the outside and keep his eyes upfield to get the ball in the hands of his guys. When our quarterback wasn't tripping over shoelaces, he was completely telegraphing his passes that he launched off his back foot into triple coverage. All his interceptions have been keeping our already beleaguered defense on the field for most of the game and it's clearly taken its toll after just a few weeks. Luckily Tommie and Lance are going to be fine for this week but we're still waiting to hear some news on Vasher's MRI.

What's more, now it seems like more than just the crowd and the offense is asking for some changes to be made. When asked how the defense felt about the quarterback situation, Tommie Harris said that you've got to support your quarterback and if you don't really feel that way, just shut up about it. Not exactly a ringing vote of confidence.

The problem is that there aren't many solutions to the problem at the moment. Who could the Bears trade for? McNabb? He was born and raised in Chicago and would probably fit in perfectly but right now there's absolutely no reason for him to leave Philly. That means using Griese and Orton as stopgap solutions until we can draft another quarterback. How long will the defense last? You've got to figure there has to be a working solution in place in the next 1-3 years to have another chance at a Super Bowl. Personally I'd like to see Murton's hair or possibly Theriot's sexy-time mustache have a crack at playing quarterback. If you were to couple that with The Neck Beard you'd have a 1-2 punch so chalk full of testosterone that it would inseminate every man and woman in the stands and they'd all give birth to a forearm covered in hair 9 months from now.

Next year's class of quarterbacks is slim and the Bears would have to really have a terrible year to find themselves able to grab one of the elite. Here is my list of hopefuls:

1. Andre' Woodson - A senior at Kentucky who has already orchestrated victories over Louisville and Arkansas and is a leading Heisman Trophy candidate. He's proven that he's a leader that can play efficiently. In this week's victory over Arkansas Woodson went 21-of-39 and has now thrown 296 passes without an interception, breaking Trent Dilfer's major college record of 271. Grossman has 6 picks in 3 games this year and 26 since the beginning of 2006. Wakka wakka!

2. Brian Brohm - Yes, he's in the Big East but it's widely speculated that the Louisville senior could go as high as the top pick in the draft next year. With Atlanta competing for that honor it's a very real possibility.

3. Colt Brennan - He sat out this week with a sprained ankle but the Senior from Hawaii holds the national record for touchdowns in a season (58) and maintained the highest passing efficiency in the country finishing 6th in the Heisman race behind winner Troy Smith, Darren McFadden, Brady Quinn, Steve Slaton, and Mike Hart. Plus, my feelings against Indy aside, Colt is a great name for a quarterback. It would be like naming your son Jeeves and having him grow up to clean and cook meals for some successful athlete named Colt.

I'd like to end on a good note so with no further ado, I give you Devin Hester's car. Note the Louis Vuitton interior/exterior:

UPDATE: Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reports that Brian Griese will start for the Bears in Week 4 at the Lions. Thank you Jebus!