The Return of King Kurt

September 24, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Exit 'The Kid' Matt Leinart: 2 Quarters, 9-20 passing, 53 Yds, 0 TD, 20-3 deficit. Looking as if someone ran over his dog on the sideline.

Enter 'The Mentor' Kurt Warner: 2 Quarters, 15-20 passing, 258 Yds, 2 TD...ties up the game at 23 with under 2 minutes. Kurt's brilliance was all caught on videotape.

But...of course the Cardinals being the Cardinals, they promptly allowed the Ravens to march down the field and kick a FG as time expired, negating Kurt's heroics. 26-23 Ravens.

"If nothing else, Warner has established himself as the NFL's modern-day version of Michael Corleone: Just when you thought he was done, he keeps getting brought back for more. The two-time league MVP worked some of his old magic, throwing for 258 yards and two touchdowns in place of a struggling Matt Leinart as the Cardinals rallied during a 26-23 loss to the Baltimore Ravens." - Yahoo's James Black.
As the kiddies say, "Hells yes." Seriously, can we bring the old man to Chicago? Grossman, watch and learn from the master. The Bears could have signed him a couple of years ago, but Lovie didn't want to upset the emotionally stunted Grossman. 3 years later and if anything Grossman has regressed emotionally. Now, it appears we may have early QB controversies in both Arizona and Chicago.

Praise Jeeeesuuuus!*

*I would like to just dispel the myth of Kurt being the poster boy for the God Squad. That baton has been passed on to Jon Kitna my friends. In fact, during training camp I read an article (which I can't find now, naturally) where Kurt talked about how he has learned not to push his beliefs on people anymore. Later in the article they talked to Larry Fitzgerald who joked that Kurt isn't as pious as everybody thinks. He then goes on to relate that him and Kurt made a bet over who could get home first after practice and um...get to know their wife in the Biblical sense, if you know what I mean. Fitz shook his head. "Kurt won man. He got game." And before you make a Brenda Warner joke, know that she is now borderline hot. Is that the Arizona humidity making you sweat? No. It's Brenda Warner.