Ha Ha! Look at You!

September 09, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Northern Iowa 24, Iowa State 13
Another Saturday has passed, and yet another Division IA school gets smacked around by a D-IAA* team. This one doesn't have as big of an effect nationally as last week's Appalachian State shocker, but for some folks here at the Saloon, it's important to us.

As a Northern Iowa alum, it was with great pride to see my Panthers kick the piss out of the lowly Sucklones. And by "see" I mean that 2 seconds on my local news station where they flashed the score, as the game wasn't televised, at all it seems. Hell I even stared at the goddamn ESPN Bottom Line for a solid 30 minutes and never saw the score (although I was relieved to see Chadron State had no problem downing Northern Colorado).

Don't worry Iowa State. This will serve as a nice primer for when the regular conference schedule begins and your Big 12 counterparts have their way with you. Now squeeeeeaal!!!!!

A smaller Ha Ha goes out to the Wolverines who continues to get beat down, this time by the Oregon Ducks. Meanwhile Ohio State fan is out there writing down some new taunts he can yell at Michigan fan next time he sees him.

An even smaller Ha Ha to Northern Illinois getting beat by Southern Illinois, who plays in the same conference as Northern Iowa. Kind of cheapens the Hawkeyes win last week just a little bit.

You know what? I feel a little bad for Iowa State. I don't want to be so hard on them. So to make it up, I'll close out this post with a photo of one of their soccer hotties.

Good lord! That's pretty amazing when you can make the Nebraska chick seem hot.

*I refuse to use that weird Championship Subdivision, Bowl Division whathaveyou crap. Whoever came up with that is a complete moron. Oh wait, we're dealing with the NCAA here. I apologize for stating the obvious.