A Mile High Minute

September 12, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Well, that was ugly. A win is a win though, and especially in the AFC you have to win these BS games.

Cutler throws for 300, Henry runs for 139 and fathers two children, and you can only muster 15 points? Come on Offensive Genius, I want to see 40 points on the board against the Raiders next week to make up for this debacle.

It shouldn't have ever come down to a last second kick, but I'll admit that was exciting. With the clock and crowd counting down the seconds, the Broncos went with the Chinese Fire Drill play Shanahan drew up after waking in a cold sweat back in March. The speedy 37 year old kicker Jason Elam, not christian rocker Jason Elam, runs on field, the team scrambles to snap it and with one second left Elam nails one of the straightest kicks of his career to give Denver a 15-14 win.

On a somber note, best wishes to Kevin Everett and his family.

Thoughts from Around the League

New England - To everyone who thought Moss was done: Eat it. Why didn't he do anything the last couple years? Playing in Oakland with Andrew Walter completing one of every 10 passes might have had something to do with that.

Chicago - Someone call Jeff Gilooly, Sexy Rexy is going to have to be kneecapped if you want this team to win this year. Honestly, did Brian Griese nail Lovie Smith's wife? I can't think of any reason they would stick with Grossman over him at this point. Griese is no Elway, more like a Mike Tomczak, but seriously Lovie...

Baltimore - If anyone doubted me when I predicted Baltimore would suck this year, just watch a replay of the 20 or so chances they had to tie up that game on Monday night. They're going nowhere.

New York Giants - 45 points allowed to Tony Homo running a Wade Phillips offense? Indy could put up 100 on these guys. No John Madden, Tiki Barber wouldn't help these sad sacks.

and now for something completely different...

Was Britney Spears really that much worse than she ever was at the VMAs? I say no. Her singing/lip-syncing was always terrible and her choreography has never been anything but unnatural and absurd.

Everyone be honest now...its not the singing or dancing and it never was. She's 10-15 pounds heavier now. The slight jiggle as she sashayed across the stage was like Alan Alda passing smelling salts under the collective noses of America. I won't be that guy who's like "oh, she's 15 pounds overweight and I'm too good for that," but I will be that guy who says she's moved from hot pop star category to cute checker at Target that you want to hit on but the voice in your head tells you no because you know in five years she'll be 300 pounds, wearing mumus, and watching Dr. Phil from a double-wide trailer. Like Jerry Brown dumping Linda Ronstadt in the early 80s, you're smart and know when to dodge a bullet.

*Its always a good day if you can say you squeezed in a Jerry Brown reference when you went off on a Britney Spears tangent.