Person of Interest: Andrei Kirilenko

September 20, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

On the news, you always hear the phrase "person of interest" when the cops want to talk to someone but aren't yet ready to indict them for a crime. I don't think a War Criminal is warranted yet, hence, Person of Interest: Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei, seen here about to pummel Rocky Balboa, recently posted his desire to leave the Utah Jazz on a Russian blog. Frankly, if Utah wants him back after last year, he should consider himself damn lucky.

As chronicled here, the Jazz went to the Western Conference Finals, thanks in large part not to Kirilenko, but to Deron "Mormon Chocolate" Williams. Kirilenko put up paltry numbers when he was actually healthy in 06-07, only contributing half the points per game he had the previous three seasons.

According to official Russian translators at Interpol, Andrei apparently "can't stomach" the idea of playing for Jerry Sloan anymore. Memo to Andrei: Sloan's system is why the team has ALWAYS been so successful. Deal with it or become an afterthought in some Eastern Conference gulag like Charlotte.

Given that he made this anouncement on a Russian blog and did it so close to camp opening, he's lucky I'm not handing down a full slate of indictments for war crimes. I can't totally forsake the guy given his contributions to the team over the years.

I just hope the Jazz can get value for him in return.